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Coaching for Healthy Relationships

Navigating Life Together

Bridge Over River

Individual Coaching

Empower Yourself for Change

Life can be turbulent at times, and you might want to learn how to manage the challenges you're facing.  Or perhaps you're dealing with long-standing stress, and you're feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.  You might just want a listening ear to understand and encourage you!  Individual coaching can help you to clarify what really matters to you.  Find your own voice and power, make necessary changes, and get more enjoyment out of your life!

To learn more about individual coaching or to schedule an initial consultation,  email Christine Conway at

Group of Women Happiness Cheerful Concep

Group Coaching

"Sistering" One Another

When a building is being restored and it has weak floor joists, a builder will strengthen the weak joist by placing another, stronger board beside it and bolting them together.  This process is called "sistering" the joist.  What a wonderful metaphor for what women do for each other!

In our coaching groups, we will spend three weekly sessions talking about how to build and maintain strong relationships.  Those who wish can continue to meet for encouragement and support twice a month in a video conference friendship group.  We'll also have a private Facebook group for Still Waters Sisters, where we can practice "sistering" one another!

More information about Sistering Sessions is available at our "Upcoming Events" page.

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